New Mumnet Spring Dates

Mumnet has announced new spring dates (starting end of march). Including for there new Leslieville location. There are also dates available for the beaches location. Mumnet is a combo of a mom’s group and fitness class with childcare included.

Leslieville Location:  765 Queen Street , Toronto (inside the Ralph Thorton Center)
Beaches Location:  470 Woodbine Ave, Toronto (inside St. Johns Norway)
Hours: Various weekday mornings
Age: Childcare available for a variety of ages
Cost: Varies by session length and if you need childcare

Baby Love at SRCPC

Location: Queen and Saulter (Behind the library)
When: Monday afternoons for 10 weeks from March 4th-May 6th
Age: 0-12 month old babies & their caregivers
Cost: Free

I’ve written briefly about my experience doing baby love with my first child when I wrote about the south riverdale child-parent center here:

I wanted to post now that they’ve announced they will be running another class series. This is a great program on with an attachment parenting philosophy. I met lots of great moms there too. The class has a mix of activities to entertain babies as well as talking about parenting activities.

Get in touch with staff at south riverdale if you are interested in joining.

Free Baby Yoga at SRCPC

Location:  South Riverdale Drop In (Ralph Thorton Center)
Hours: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 10:00am
Cost: Free, preregistration required

Appleseed Yoga is hosting a free baby yoga class at the south riverdale drop in. Bring water and comfy clothes. Yoga mats provided. Find more details at:

I usually register in person for this workshops when I go to the drop in. Most classes of the Wednesday events are all day trips that are really more appropriate for older kids but I thought I would post this one because it’s nice and early and it’s for babies.

Infant Massage and Mama Meetup

Location:  TBD, Leslieville location though
Hours: Recurring (check website), Next date: Friday February 14th, 2018 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Cost: $40, RMT receipt if baby is covered under family insurance
Agea: Babies under 1 year

Mama mobile is hosting a meetup on the 18th, they’ve posted offering:

3 massage routines safely on baby:

1) Relaxation/sleep routine
2) Surviving colds routine
3) Constipation/colic routine

Also included:
Gift bag with safe oil for massage

Little Tot’s Hair Shop

Location:  1926 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H5 
Hours:Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm Saturday: 9am to 5pm Sunday: 10am to 5pm
Cost: I believe it was about $20

I have been cutting my son’s hair myself since he was born, and I confess it’s been cut quite badly. I finally decided it was time to take my son somewhere for a first professional haircut. Most kid’s shop have mixed reviews including this one but I did have an overall good experience and the ball pit was a huge hit. Continue reading “Little Tot’s Hair Shop”

Holiday Family Fun Day in Support of New Mom Project

Location:  Ralph Thornton Community Centre
Date: Sunday, December 9 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Cost: Tickets are $10 per child, accompanying adults are free.  Tickets can be purchased here.

I normally post ongoing programs I have tried but I wanted to share an upcoming charitable event at the Ralph Thornton Community Center. This is in the same building as the Queen and Saulter library.

The new mom project is a great charitable organization supporting new moms and babies in need. If you are looking for a holiday event for the kids this is great because 100% of proceeds are charitable.

From their website:

Come out for a day of fun with the kids and a chance to see some creative gift ideas from our vendors just in time for the holidays! Photo mini sessions with Pictonat Photography, a large array of Silent Auction items and free gift bags for the kids. A chance to meet Santa and tell him your wish list!

Continue reading “Holiday Family Fun Day in Support of New Mom Project”

Mama Mobile Massage

Location:  Your House
Hours: Flexible, including Saturdays
Cost: $113, no travel fees, RMT receipts

I recently had a great prenatal massage from mama mobile massage. Their business model is such a great concept and it’s something I want to do again when baby two comes along. I got a few massages in the year after Jacob was born, but it was often very stressful to schedule for the first 9 months or so since he was hard to predict and could be very fussy. Continue reading “Mama Mobile Massage”

Little Rebels Music

Location:  Various or host in your house
Hours: Classes are 9:00am – 3:00pm weekdays, birthday parties more flexible
Cost: Depends on group size. Birthday party was $150

I didn’t get a chance to join or host a little rebels music class while I was on maternity leave but I recently booked them for my sons second birthday. It was honestly the best decision I made for his birthday. The instructor, Samantha, was so enthusiastic and had so much energy she really made my son excited. Continue reading “Little Rebels Music”

Bud’s Coffee Bar

Location:  11966 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H8
Hours: Sundays: 8am-6pm, 6:30am-7:00pm

Bud’s is a small boutique coffee shop with the advantage of having a small play space in the back with a chalk board and some toys. I stumbled upon this when I was taking my son for a haircut in the beaches and I’ve gone back since when I wanted a change of scenery.

There are so few things open Sundays and sometimes I just need a change of scenery and to get out of the house for a little bit. I think bud’s is perfect for that. They have good coffee and a small selection of pastries.


Mumnet Spring Session Starting Now

Beaches Location:  470 Woodbine Ave, Toronto (inside St. Johns Norway)
Hours: Various weekday mornings
Age: Childcare available for a variety of ages
Cost: Varies by session length and if you need childcare

Mumnet is an awesome mom group. It offers a great fitness class (with childcare) and a great discussion group after. They also have lots of great speakers: sleep consultants, parenting experts, etc.

I’m sorry but I thought BeauGen breast pump cushions sucked

I didn’t start this blog to review products. I started it mostly just as a diary of me and my little mans early days and to hopefully help out other moms in the area. That said I get pretty annoyed when every blogger online who reviews products got sent them for free. Not to mention that they are so desperate to get sent other free products they don’t date leave a bad review. Like seriously if a mom blogger has NEVER disliked something you should probably take her review with a grain of salt.

I ordered these breast cushions out of desperation. After being back to work for a few months and pumping once a day I was in agony. I had ordered smaller flanges, larger flanges, nothing seemed to work. I balked at the price (well more the shipping) $20USD for lettermail to Canada? You’ve got to be kidding me. The shipping plus price came to 40 canadian but I was desperate so what could I do.

Not Comfortable At All

I tried these over the course of a week. Following all there fitting tips. Different sized flanges, folding it over to double up, etc. No matter what I did it ranged from either being neutral or worse.

Not Sanitary At All

These cannot be sterilized. So to start they are absolutely not safe for a newborn. Further, they are are like a lint and dust magnet. It actually boggled my mind. I would wash them so thoroughly in hot soapy water and my the time I got my breast pump set up they seem to have collected every piece of dust in the air.

Not Returnable

Of course these can’t be resold but I would hope a good company would stand behind their products. I was so frustrated after using them for a week. I think I actually cried to my husband that it would never stop hurting so much.

I’m happy to say 3 months after I quit using these pumping is more bearable. I switched permanently to a smaller flange and run on a lower setting but more than anything I think I just got use to it. It just rubs a different way then nursing and I think your body needs to adjust a bit.

Maybe these might help some moms but they didn’t help me.