Fitness with Child Minding in East Toronto

Here are some places to exercise in Toronto when you have baby (or a toddler in tow).

MOVE Fitness

Move fitness is a women’s only studio in Leslieville with several time minding time slots. Including one on saturday which is rare. I have heard from other moms that their kids actually ask to go there because they like the playroom so much. It’s very busy on Saturdays in the kids room though so I might not take a very small baby on the weekend that gets easily overwhelmed. The emphasis of move fitness is strength training. The facility is extremely nice with all the amenities you could want and new equipment. It is on the pricier side but you get what you pay for. It would be nice to see more cardio focused classes though and they also don’t have a lot of mid-afternoon classes.

See their schedule here:

Child minding info here:


Mumnet is a weekly workout/moms group with childcare. Locations vary. In my experience the fitness instructions are really good. I would say the workouts are medium intensity and instructors are wary of postpartum needs. It’s then followed my a discussion group. It’s also completely non-profit.

Beaches Rec Center

The beaches rec center offers childminding for fitness every monday, wednesday, friday from 9:15-10:15. Just enough time for  a quick workout. This is a rec center with fees for fitness.  It’s a small gym but with good equipment. There is also a free drop in program for toddlers that runs after the fitness slot so if you wanted to hang around after you could join the “Recreation Fun and Play with Caregiver” program.

Schedule (listed under the drop in tab):

Cooper Koo YMCA

The Cooper Koo YMCA is a large brand new facility in east toronto. They have child minding available for many classes each week indicated on their online schedule. They also offer family playtime on their play structure which is open all day on most of hte day


Yoga Mamas

As well as offering a variety of mom and baby and mom and tot classes they also have child minding available which sometimes lines up with their child free classes.

Bomb Fitness

I have never attended bomb fitness but I have heard good things and they have a variety of child minding spots at their location at coxwell and danforth. They have a saturday child minding spot for age 2+ at 9am which might be workable with our schedule when J turns too so I will probably check it out then.


One Academy

Newish Leslieville studio offers a variety of classes and weekend child minding for $7.


Yogathletix use to offer specific “babies welcome” classes over the summer but they’ve recently stopped labelling specific classes. Now they say that non-moving babies are just welcome to join the daytime weekday classes. I would prefer they labelled classes specifically as babies welcome since I would feel bad if other people aren’t expecting to see babies and my baby starts fussing. I think they are trying to make it clear you don’t need to have a baby to come to the class though. Since there isn’t currently anything on the website about this policy I might call ahead to confirm if they change it in the future.


LA Fitness – Danforth

The danforth LA Fitness location offers child minding including Saturday.


Mayfair Club

Mayfair club requires quite the commitment as they charge an initiation fee to join. I believe it is about $900. The monthly membership after is fairly average though so if you plan to join long term it may be worth it. Originally mainly for tennis they have a robust fitness schedule and a saltwater pool. They have child care every day of the week.

Website and kids info:

Goodlife – maybe…

Most of the goodlife locations in east Toronto are listed as offering childminding services. Although recent news has indicated they are going to be shutting down the service at approximately half the locations in Toronto. It’s not clear which locations will maintain this service long term.

Did I miss something? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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