Kids Fun Town

Location:  2040 Danforth Ave
Hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Occasional weekends (check their facebook)

We took J to kids fun town on a very wet slushy Monday afternoon. It turned out to be the perfect place to take him. It offers a similar service to sprouts, drop in play with parents nearby, but the offering of toys is completely different than sprouts so it makes a nice change of venue. It is a socks only facility which is nice for crawlers. I think the age range that can take the best advantage is toddlers. It seems very toddler friendly as it’s definitely a smaller facility.

They have 2 small ball pits, a bouncy castle, and a variety of ride on toys and play structures. The bouncy castle was nice especially because it was not very busy and I could go in the bouncy castle with J. He still needs some help so when we’ve previously seen bouncy castles they seemed too overwhelming for him and too likely to result in injury. This was a nice baby/toddler friendly bouncy castle. The toys are not as brand new looking as sprouts but my son had tons of fun and toddlers can’t tell so I don’t count this against them. We stays for 1.5 hours and I think J could have stayed longer but I needed to make dinner.

We definitely went on a dark winter day so I’m not sure if it’s better normally but it does seem like their lighting could be improved. It is a long narrow room with the winder only at the front. It seems a bit dark and hard to take good pictures.

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