Little Rebels Music

Location:  Various or host in your house
Hours: Classes are 9:00am – 3:00pm weekdays, birthday parties more flexible
Cost: Depends on group size. Birthday party was $150

I didn’t get a chance to join or host a little rebels music class while I was on maternity leave but I recently booked them for my sons second birthday. It was honestly the best decision I made for his birthday. The instructor, Samantha, was so enthusiastic and had so much energy she really made my son excited.

There do a mix of music, singing, playing instruments, shakers, and parachute songs. What really makes the class great is house excited the instructor is. I’m sure the class tempo would be different for an infant. We had the class outside in the park. The instructor brought a little portable speaker and a variety of instruments.

They don’t have a central studio, classes are hosted by local moms. You can join an existing class or start your own. I will definitely look into joining one when baby two is born. I do like the city programs and they are free or cheap but there locations and times are often not the best and they materials and instructor they had for this class were really great.

Jacob runs under the parachute during one of the parachute songs.

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