Mama Mobile Massage

Location:  Your House
Hours: Flexible, including Saturdays
Cost: $113, no travel fees, RMT receipts

I recently had a great prenatal massage from mama mobile massage. Their business model is such a great concept and it’s something I want to do again when baby two comes along. I got a few massages in the year after Jacob was born, but it was often very stressful to schedule for the first 9 months or so since he was hard to predict and could be very fussy.

I didn’t have Jacob running around during my massage this time but I made sure to ask about how that would work. The therapist let me know they schedule extra time around each massage so if you have to stop to nurse/soothe the baby you can still get your full massage length even if you have to take some little breaks. I am crossing my fingers my next little boy will be better at napping but it’s good to know they are very flexible like that.

The prenatal massage itself was excellent. They set up a different prenatal massage pillow I haven’t used before. In the past when I’ve had prenatal massages almost every place has you do side lying and there is a support pillow under your bump. The pillow they used lets you lie face down. It’s on an upwards angle with a cutout and sling where your belly is. You stomach stays supported by the sling so there is no back strain. It was nice to lie on my stomach – something I haven’t done in a while! The therapist was great and obviously experienced with prenatal massage.

There is now online booking by area of Toronto. You can book leslieville here. After booking you can fill out all your health details online. Plan to book at least a day in advance.

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