Location: 183 Carlaw Ave. (Carlaw and Queen)
Website: http://www.sproutskids.ca/
Regular Hours: Monday–Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am – 4pm
Ages: 0-6 years
Cost: First visit free, 6 visits for $66.50 or monthly pass

I love sprouts it’s very clean with great toys and play structures for toddlers. There are great amenities such as a kitchenette, coffee, sippy cups, and a vending machine with baby food if you forgot yours. Most importantly it is one of the only indoor play spaces in the area that is open on weekends and afternoons. I usually like to take Jacob to the park in the afternoon but if the weather is horrid it’s an excellent place to go. Especially before Jacob was walking I was very hesitant to take him to the park if it was wet since he would crawl through all the much. Sometimes I take him out if it’s wet now but it’s still good to have a place to go in the afternoon if the weather if bad. I highly recommend getting the 6 pass which is what we buy. I find I use it about 3 times a month on average.

Unlike OEYC there aren’t staff there that play with the kids and no song circles or crafts. It’s just a different offering than the drop ins. Usually I take Jacob to a drop in in the morning for these reasons but almost no drop ins are open in the afternoon so it so useful to have in the neighborhood.

They also offer a variety of classes which look great. We haven’t tried them yet but are thinking of trying a drop in class soon.

Jacob enjoying sprouts

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