Toronto Yoga Mamas

Location: 1402 Queen St E

Toronto Yoga Mamas offers such a wide variety of services to mothers and moms to be. I’ve attended a number of different ones including pre-natal yoga, mom & baby yoga, crawlers yoga, monthly mom groups, and I’ve also used their wellness services such as massage. They also have a cute boutique with curated items. They offer so many different services as well that I haven’t tried.

Yoga With Baby & Toddler Yoga

I attended Yoga Babies quite regularly before J was crawling. I often found that he was in an even better mood during the classes, probably change of scenery. I also put him on his tummy to watch the room so it was a great way for him to get lots of tummy time. Adrienne Wetherell was my favourite instructor for this class as she was the most energetic which I really needed. The yoga babies class are good for babies before crawling.

I have only attended one crawlers yoga class, which is crawling to 2 years. Since my son has been walking I take him more to drop in centers and activities for him. I have been meaning to come back though. Since J was crawling at 7 months when I took him he was one of the smallest babies.

Mom Group

I attended several of the mom groups at yoga mamas. They are different curated topics and offer some pretty high quality programming including music class, stories and lap rhymes, and other topics. There is much less socializing to this group though than others I have attended as it’s more of a class. Most people disperse as soon as it’s done.

Wellness Services 

There are a variety of wellness services offered at yoga mamas. The only one I’ve experienced with is massage both pre and post natal. All the therapists I’ve had have been excellent but the real draw is they have on-site childcare on certain days for the extremely low cost of 7 dollars during your appointment. I was very fortunately my insurance covered massage so while I was on maternity leave I could have a 1 hour massage and break from childcare for almost nothing.

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